The Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost Possible

The word “value” often takes on a negative connotation.

But value and excellence don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Avena Contracting specializes in providing value engineering in construction settings. We can help you save money and maximize functionality, with no risk to your finished project.

How Value Engineering in Construction Works

Our value engineering team works closely with you and your project designers to analyze a job’s requirements during the pre-production phase.

Our expert team leverages its decades of experience and past project history to pinpoint potential areas for adjustment based on the materials to be used, their costs, and the total time projected.

We then make suggestions for how your company can trim costs via:

  • Strategic substitution of materials
  • Alternative planning and construction methods
  • Making subtle changes to the proposed layout
  • And more!

Success Without Sacrifice

Avena Contracting is committed to helping our clients avoid unnecessary spending, while providing exemplary service that satisfies their projects’ expected lifecycle.

Let us help you:

  • Analyze your functionality
  • Maximize your project budget
  • Optimize your project design and aesthetics


Take “value” off of your list of dirty words.
Call Avena Contracting today!





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