The Framework Comes First

As Maryland’s premier rough carpentry contractors, Avena Contracting specializes in the integration  of wood products in commercial construction applications.

Our crews use only the finest materials and the latest industry tech and tools. We specialize in wood or metal support systems, including walls, floors, and roofs.

Avena gives your building shape and strength:

  • Rated and non-rated wood truss assemblies
  • Window installation
  • Interior and exterior wood blocking
  • Interior and exterior door installation

Expert Craftsmanship for Structured Perfection

Our rough carpentry contractors conduct a thorough inspection of each building’s framework to pinpoint any areas of structural weakness or potential defects.

Using a combination of problem-solving, proper technique, and clear communication with both our crews and our customers, the Avena team ensures the safety of everyone near the jobsite.

We can ensure your building’s framework meets all requirements and is up to code.

Looking for rough carpentry contractors for your next project? 

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