Unparalleled Expertise

As an interior finish subcontractor, the Avena team leverages past experience and
construction know how to provide clients with incomparable results in all aspects of
the trade, from drywall to carpentry and beyond.


Avena Contracting was founded to provide commercial drywall excellence, including installation, texturing, and finishing for small and large-scale commercial projects.


Providing sound-enhancing, sound-absorbing, and structural benefits, Avena’s acoustical ceiling solutions can be customized for virtually any room or purpose, including commercial, medical, educational, or office use.

Cold Formed
Metal Framing

Leverage the lightweight, durable, and noncombustible attributes of cold formed metal framing for your next project. Cost-effective, long lasting, and efficient, this alternative to masonry and wood is ideal for a number of applications, from load-bearing walls and roof rafters to floor joists, soffits, and more.


Our SCIF solutions are completed according to precise government specifications, ensuring comprehensive privacy for the processing of classified materials and communications, while helping agencies pave the way for a seamless accreditation process.


Value and excellence are not mutually exclusive. Our team specializes in value engineering for construction settings, helping you save money, while providing exemplary service that satisfies your project’s expected lifecycle.


At the core of every project is the frame of the building. Rough carpentry addresses the construction of walls, roofs, and floors that meet building codes and engineering specs. 


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