Better Building Through Steel

Cold-formed metal framing is a cost-effective, long lasting, and efficient alternative to masonry, wood, and hot rolled steel. It is lightweight, durable, and noncombustible. Not only that, but because of its steel construction, cold-formed metal framing:

  • Is warp, rot, and termite-proof
  • Does not expand or contract when the temperature changes
  • Is easily prefabricated and mass-produced
  • Requires fewer tools and is less reliant on heavy machinery

In addition to its ease of installation, its usage eliminates the need for deforestation. It produces little waste and is completely recyclable

Many Uses, Multiple Benefits

Avena Contracting specializes in cold-formed metal framing for a number of different applications: 

  • Load-bearing wall framing
  • Floor joist framing
  • Roof rafter framing
  • Ceiling joist framing
  • Soffit framing


Cold-Formed, Countless Possibilities

Because installation is not restricted by colder weather, Avena Contracting can provide installs throughout the year, while helping you keep multi-season construction projects on target.

Regardless of the season, construction using cold-formed metal framing also moves swiftly, ensuring that deadlines are met, and budgets are maintained.

Discover the benefits cold-formed steel framing can deliver.

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